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A Beginner’s Guide to Video Poker Online

Modern gambling sites offer video poker online for punters who do not like to play against others but do not think of a better game than poker. Thanks to a range of gaming features and ease of play, this type of poker has become very popular among Canadian gamblers as well.

This guide was created specifically for those who want to play poker. Here we explain the basic rules, odds of winning and popular strategies for playing video poker online.

Basic Rules of Video Poker Online

The online version of this legendary game is based on almost the same rules as classic 5-card poker. The only difference is that in video poker online, the punter does not play against the dealer and other participants but against the computer. Like in any other version, the game’s goal is to collect the most profitable combination of five cards.

Video poker online is somewhat similar to virtual slot machines. There is also a predetermined return to player rate. However, while playing video poker online, a gambler can make decisions that can negatively or positively affect the outcome of the game. In addition, many gambling sites in Canada also offer to enjoy your favourite game in demo mode, that is, without spending a single cent.

The gameplay looks like this:

Video Poker Vegas
  • The player makes a bet by clicking on the appropriate button on their device’s screen.
  • Next, the punter clicks on the Deal cards button and receives five cards.
  • The player can keep those cards that suit them and change those that do not consist successful combination.
  • After that, the player presses the Deal cards button again.
  • If the player’s poker hand wins, they receive the corresponding payouts.

Video Poker Online: Hands and Payouts Explained

As we said earlier, the player receives five cards with the possibility to change them to collect the desired poker hand and win the game. On the site of each operator in the game’s rules, there is a table with all possible winning combinations and payouts. How much the player can win in the end depends on the values of the cards collected.

For example, a punter can collect a combination of cards of the same suit or four kings, etc. A gambler gets the maximum payout by collecting a Royal Flush, followed by a Straight Flush, then Four of a Kind.

Video Poker Royal Flash

Payouts for Combinations

We have analyzed one of the most popular versions of online video poker and compiled a detailed payout table for each possible hand. In the table, we have indicated the amount of payouts, considering the number of coins put by the player on the line.

Below you can see the classic payouts in video poker online and a definition of each combination.

Poker Hands
1 Coin
2 Coins
3 Coins
4 Coins
5 Coins
Royal Flush
This is a combination of five cards of the same suit (from ten to ace).
Straight Flush
These are any five consecutive cards of the same suit.
Four of a Kind
A combination of four cards of the same value and one random card.
Full House
These are three cards of the same value and a pair. The hand of cards with the highest value wins.
This is a combination of five cards of the same suit in any order.
These are five cards of different suits, arranged in order.
Three of a Kind
This is a combination of three cards of the same value and two other cards.
Two Pairs
Consists of a pair and three other cards.

Video Poker Gameplay Features

When playing video poker online, the punter observes some buttons and inscriptions on their screen. Then, with their help, the player places bets and starts the game. Below we have described all the buttons and inscriptions you can meet playing poker.

Buttons on the Screen

With the help of all these buttons, the player selects the desired bet, takes credits and orders the distribution of cards.

  • Bet one. This means putting one coin of the selected denomination on the line.
  • Deal or Draw. This button allows you to start the game and get your cards.
  • Hold. By pressing this button, the player chooses to keep the selected card.
  • Maximum bet. This button is responsible for the maximum bet in the game.

What the Player Sees on the Screen

The display shows all information about the current game, including the remaining credits and the paytable.

  • Coin. These are coins of a certain denomination in which bets are accepted.
  • Credits. This displays how many credits the player has left.
  • Bet. This is the bet size in the current game.
  • Paytable. Here the player will find all the information about payouts for certain combinations.
  • Win. As the name says, this is the amount of money won by the player.

Odds of Winning and Payouts

Video poker game in proccess

Almost all poker varieties offer players the best odds of winning among all gambling entertainment. Online operators, as a rule, indicate RTP in the game’s description. Usually, this figure in video poker online varies from 97 to 99%. It is worth considering that poker is a game in which there is an element of luck, but the skill of the punter is also important.

The amount of payouts or the so-called coefficients may differ on various casino sites. For this reason, before you start playing video poker online on one of the selected platforms, study the payout table provided by the operator.

Poker Hands
Poker Odds
Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Four of a Kind
Full House
Three of a kind
Two Pairs
Pair Q, J, K or A
Any Pair

Most Popular Poker Strategies

If you are interested in playing like a pro, then you simply must learn all possible poker strategies. As we said earlier, the game has fairly high chances of winning, so a good strategy will only increase these chances. Before moving on to real money betting, practice your strategy in demo mode.

Strategy #1: Keep Strategy Sheets at Hand

If you want to succeed in playing video poker online, all your actions in the game are worth considering. However, keeping all the poker combinations, strategies and odds in mind is very difficult. That is why poker professionals have developed a range of poker tables to make your life easier and your gaming experience exciting.

  • You can find all the tables you may need during the game on the Internet.
  • These tables contain tips on how to act in certain situations.
  • Think over your decisions. In video poker online you play against the computer, so you can relax. No one is pressuring you.
  • Keep these tables handy while playing your favourite game.

Strategy #2: Follow Deuces Wild Strategy

This strategy is pretty easy-to-follow. Its essence lies in whether the player encounters deuces in the game. Keep a cheatsheet with this strategy and possible combinations handy to make your life easier.

According to the strategy, the player follows the instructions on which cards to keep and which to discard if:

  • There are no deuces among your cards.
  • If you have one deuce.
  • There are two deuces among the five cards.
  • You were dealt three deuces.
  • Of the five cards, four are deuces.

How to Start Playing Video Poker Online

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The process of getting to know the game involves a few simple steps. To start playing video poker online, you need:

  1. Find a suitable gambling site. Remember that your positive experience depends on the security of the site you play on.
  2. Claim your welcome bonus. As a rule, online operators offer bonuses to new players to stimulate their interest. In any case, this opportunity is worth taking advantage of.
  3. Deposit money to your gaming account. Modern online operators offer a variety of payment methods, including credit cards and electronic wallets.
  4. Choose the video poker option you like. It all depends on your personal preferences. Before starting the game, it is worth studying the rules and paytables on a particular site.

These Golden Rules Help to Save Money

These simple yet effective tips will help every player secure their budget.

Consider Paytables

Different casino sites and versions of video poker have different payout ratios. Therefore, always keep an eye on the paytable in the game description not to miss the changes.

Start with Low Variance Poker Types

Such games tend to offer higher odds of winning. So yes, the payout will be smaller, but this way, you can enjoy your favourite game longer.

Learn Basic Poker Strategies

Even though poker is a game of chance, the skill of the punter also plays an important role. By learning and practising basic strategies, the player gets the opportunity to increase his chances of winning.

Control Your Bankroll

Set a gaming budget ahead of time and stick to it. Think of poker as a leisure activity that requires some investment. If you see yourself going over budget, stop and take a break.

Do not Avoid Lucrative Casino Offers

Many online operators hold regular promotions. However, not all offer acceptable wagering requirements. Keep this in mind when choosing casino bonuses.

FAQs about Video Poker Online

Can I beat the casino by playing video poker?

Yes. Experienced players manage to beat the casino using certain strategies. Poker is one of the highest RTP casino games. But here, it is important to understand the rules and combinations well and practice a lot.

Which video poker variant has the best odds of winning?

As we have already said, poker offers the highest RTP compared to other casino games. Moreover, some versions of the game even offer an advantage to the player.

What is better to choose poker online or in a physical casino?

It all depends on your personal preferences. However, it is worth noting that you can play video poker online without leaving your home. This type of gambling entertainment is guaranteed to give you an exciting gambling experience.

How many winning combinations are there in video poker?

The number of combinations depends on the type of poker. In most cases, there are eight. The main ones are Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind and Two Pairs.

Can I win at video poker regularly?

Unfortunately no. Video poker is a dispersion game. Losses always follow wins. This cannot be changed because, in addition to skills, there is also an element of luck in the game.