Music together
Support Ontario artists without leaving home

A living room concert series to pay artists in need

MusicTogether supports working Ontario musicians during the COVID-19 crisis with direct funding, new opportunities for fan discovery, and eCommerce tools. $300,000 has been committed thanks to the generosity of the music community funders listed below and matching funds from OntarioLive.

MusicTogether is run by volunteers. 100% of our funds go straight to working musicians affected by the COVID-19 crisis. was founded by Raja Khanna, Gary Slaight, Jeffrey Remedios, Oliver Johnson, Arts & Crafts and Daniel Debow (partners in the Root Down Studio).

Financial support for comes from:


Jeffrey Remedios of Universal Music (personally)

Steve Kane of Warner Music(personally)

Shane Carter of Sony Music(personally)

Daniel Debow(personally)

Raja Khanna(personally)

Bedtracks (Oli Johnson)

Metalworks Studios (Gil Moore)


Gary Slaight(personally)

Randy Lennox(personally)

Derrick Ross(personally)

Signal Creative Community (Dave Sorbara)

Proscenium Services (Blanche Israël)

Michael Girgis(personally)

David Sharpe(personally)

and you, the fans! Click here to donate now.


MusicTogether would also like to acknowledge:

  • The volunteers at Shopify, without whom this website would not exist.
  • Arts & Crafts for being the backbone of this entire operation. A HUGE thank you to the Arts & Crafts team for managing the marketing, the money and so much more.
  • Henderson & Co for legal assistance
  • Killbeat Media for handling PR
  • All the volunteers who have contributed to this project, including all of you for watching, spreading the word and getting people to donate to help keep musicians at work!