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Shawnee Talbot
Shawnee Talbot

Sep 12, 2020

A big soul voice lead by passion, an ambition of empowerment and inspiring through music the same way it has been her medicine. Billboard names Shawnee as one of their “Artists You Should Know" while MTV puts her on their list of their "Top Gender Bending Artists" as a Two Spirit person in music. Shawnee’s songs like 'Mirror Me' and 'Warrior Heart' have become anthems of hope and strength and were performed at this past NYC 50th Stonewall and the Prime Ministers Canada Day celebration. The singer/songwriters powerful voice is dynamic overwhelmingly captivating all the while it holds a level of depth and undeniable soul. ”Shawnee carries a unique charm" explains (Exclaim Magazine). As an outspoken advocate for her communities Shawnee leads her passion for music to help heal, working along side We Matter and Kids Help Phone.