Music together

The Honest Heart Collective

Alternative, Rock, Folk

Ryan MacDonald

May 02, 2020

Collectors gather stones to display on shelves. Musicians accumulate experiences and stories they save for the perfect song. The Honest Heart Collective is a sill emblazoned with captivating shapes and sounds: the space between a promise and pain. Rooted in Thunder Bay, Canada, they build earnest and urgent songs with the tools they’ve gathered over time. From finding grief rights to near death experiences. Incendiary relationships to a life-changing moment at a Springsteen concert. Fair-weather friends to faithful family. While the blood of brothers Nic (bass) and Ryan (vocals/guitar) binds The Collective, Jay (drums) and Kevin (guitar) are nothing short of chosen family, anchoring and shaping their ties. The Collective is a lionhearted pillar mirroring the spirit of their upbringing, raised on a ‘do it right or don’t do it at all’ attitude. The Honest Heart Collective roars like the timeless electricity of a rock show in the 60’s colliding head on with melody driven, dirt stained indie and revivalist emo. They exist at the intersection of old and new, exploring the spirited cracks between. From working the night shift at the bar to working the night shift on stage: their stories are black and white polaroids accented in bold color. They’re energized by those mementos, the sometimes-painful stories reminding them to write real songs that feel familiar and timeless but burn with urgency. The Collective have reconvened with producer Derek Hoffman for their latest single ‘Fine’, a sure-footed coming of age commentary on self-actualizing through the all too familiar fake-it-‘til-you-make-it struggle. If Liar’s Club is a lighthearted anthem staggering through fights and the sullen Grief Rights is the sobering aftermath, then The Honest Heart Collective’s upcoming album is the understanding that there are shades of grey. The Collective shows tireless resolve in echoing their distinct cut of rock through car radios, playlists, paper clippings and Youtube channels alike, bridging generational gaps. They’ve assembled an extended family of champions, including Indie 88, 102.1 The Edge, Global TV, CBC, Spotify (Rock Your Block, Rock Favourites, New Music Friday Canada) and Apple Music (Breaking Rock, Rock). They’ve gathered over 1 million streams, one fan at a time. They’ve played upwards of 200 shows, including appearances at NXNE, JUNOFest, Sound of Music and Warped Tour. They’ve supported the likes of The Glorious Sons, The Sheepdogs, Hollerado and Finger Eleven. One thing is clear: the dogged, lost industry of ‘can’t stop won’t stop’, hard work and hope is safe with The Honest Heart Collective.