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Theo Tams

R&B/Soul, Pop, Singer/Songwriter

Theodore Tams

Aug 22, 2020

Singer-pianist Theo Tams has taken the road less travelled. While he previously, reluctantly, chased the pop hit, his upcoming EP is sparse, emotive and pure. Like a Sam Smith or Adele, the production — by Montreal’s Gautier Marinof — doesn’t hide the vocal. “Call The Doctor”, released at the end of 2018, was a defining EP for Tams. It shows his willingness to be vulnerable, yet we never lose his powerhouse vocals, or his cheeky pop sensibility. “The Last Song” in particular is his most powerful ballad yet, the accompanying music video, released in April 2020, is just as captivating. Tams has been working under Slaight Music and credits them for allowing his artistic and personal growth to happen naturally and organically. His new single will be dropping in the summer of 2020- stay tuned!