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Quique Escamilla

Blues, Folk, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Singer/Songwriter

Luis Escamilla

May 02, 2020

Quique Escamilla was born and raised in the tropical southern lands of Chiapas, Mexico. Today he is an internationally accomplished multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, who has won a JUNO Award for World Music Album of the Year and the Canadian Folk Music Award, for World Solo Artist of the Year. Quique breaks down language barriers through his powerful voice and passionate delivery while fusing traditional Mexican styles of music such as ranchera and huapango with contemporary sounds of rock, reggae, ska, pop, jazz, cumbia, bolero and a variety of many beautiful sounds from around the globe.  His 2019 album release, Encomienda, represents Quique’s own “mestizaje of the Music of the Americas”, and the wide range of genres in Encomienda are to support the world's diversity of culture, colour, race and language. 

Quique uses his voice and instrument to tell stories designed to decimate xenophobia and borders. He takes his Chiapas roots and Zapatista-influenced message around the world chanting: "We want a world where many other worlds fit in."   
Despite the distance from his homeland, Quique remains strongly attached to his Mexican roots, and he is extremely honoured to call Canada home today. He is here to share with his Canadian audience and to enrich the unique diversity of Canada by disseminating a taste of his native Mexican heritage, traditions and stories through his music and live impassioned performances. "Quique represents a modern version of a Pan-American Troubadour fusing traditional Mexican styles such ranchera and huapango with rock, reggae, done in an unassuming way, built upon solid musicianship...A very promising debut recording!” —Marc Fournier, SONGLINES Magazine, UK. "Modern day troubadour Quique Escamilla makes music that comes straight from the soul. The stories he tells are the stories we need to hear; socially and politically conscious lyrics paired with exceptional musicianship. He's a unique talent who holds to the traditions of heavyweights like Bob Marley and Manu Chao. Quique is really one to watch!” —Garvia Bailey, CBC Radio Canada / Jazz FM Radio, Toronto. “Quique is a high-energy guitarist and singer…He delivered a strong performance in Santiago de Compostela at the international music event, WOMEX…” "Sunday's early-afternoon highlights included the Interstellar Rodeo All-Stars, featuring Quique Escamilla and his many hats, singer- songwriter Danny Michel, and Blue Rodeo's frontman, Jim Cuddy. The three, backed by members of the Garifuna Collective, traded tunes — with Escamilla's Mexican-flavoured version of Johnny Cash's 'Walk The Line' taking the title of crowd favourite.”—Sandra Sperounes, Edmonton Journal. "After each song the sold-out crowd at Canada’s National Arts Centre walked willingly into the palm of Quique's hand and became his diehard fans. He is charming without being silly, political without being pretentious, and gifted as a performer in every way.”—Amanda Putz, CBC Radio-Canada, Ottawa. “Quique delivered a really strong performance in Santiago de Compostela at the international event, WOMEX…” He is truly a high-energy guitarist and singer…”
—Tony Montague, fRoots Magazine, England.