Music together

Gurpreet Chana

World, Electronic, Instrumental

Gurpreet Singh Chana

May 02, 2020

Gurpreet Chana is a Toronto based musician, engineer, composer and performer. Informed by the language of the Tabla, his multi-instrumental musical practice seeks to engage melody and rhythm as a way of supporting inter + personal communion. For the WAVESTREAM - Wavelength + Music Together Livestream Festival Gurpreet will be performing with TABLIX. TABLIX is Gurpreet’s digital Tabla; conceived with the desire of conversing through the language, performance ergonomics & sounds of the time-honoured Tabla tradition with the infinite possibilities of the digital. This has lead to a new form of creative expression and collaboration for him. Please join Gurpreet and us on May 2nd @ 5:00pm EST for an IG Live @wavelengthmusic to experience melodic algo-rhythms converge together through TABLIX. IG: @gurpreetschana