Music together


Pop, R&B/Soul, Electropop

Josh Vanscoy

Jun 15, 2020

Born into a musical family of singers, Canadian Singer-Songwriter Jvanz knew he wanted to make music from an early age. With limited resources in his small town Jvanz used YouTube to give himself music lessons and polish his vocal skills while still in elementary school. He began uploading cover songs to Facebook and YouTube at just twelve years old. By high school he started MoJo, a music partnership with his close friend Mohammed. The pair used Instagram to upload a series of trap soul freestyle videos that quickly took off on the platform, bringing in thousands of loyal followers and fans from around the world. Shortly after MoJo gained traction as a musical force, Jvanz's closest childhood friend Tanner took his own life on Burgoyne Bridge in downtown St. Catherine’s. The heartbreaking turn of events inspired Jvanz to double down on his music career to carry on his legacy. He released the suicide prevention single “1–800–263–4944” via MoJo shortly thereafter. Shot on Burgoyne Bridge, the powerful video raised awareness for mental illness and provided free helplines for those suffering. Following a stream of well-received singles, Jvanz released his debut EP Parallel in 2019. Citing Billie Eilish, Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller as influences, the concise five track EP showcased the young singer’s emotional depth while reconstructing the divides between pop and trap soul. Jvanz's follow-up single “Delusional” reached No. 2 on the Audiomack trending charts while being featured on a Spotify Billboard in Times Square. He finished the year on a high note opening for Yung Tory on his Picture That tour before selling out Halloween Fest at McMaster University with over six hundred fans in attendance.