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Pop, Rock, Indie Pop

Natalie Lynn MacIntosh

Apr 28, 2020

“...a voice made to be heard by the whole world.” (Wolf In A Suit) I met Natalie over noodles in Chinatown in the Spring of 2016. Fresh off the road with a few demos in her pocket we got to talking, less about what's next and more about where she came from - Nova Scotia by way of The Seahorse Tavern. We didn't know where we were going - but she had vision, and I hadn't even seen her play yet... I stood alone to the side as she lowered the mic stand to meet her at 5'2”, bringing the polished but chipped black guitar from around her neck. There is a depth to all the shadows that surround her, but they fall away as the lights come up and you really hear what she has to say. I overheard someone cite The 1975, or a style to Alannah Myles. Either way you cut it...the girl can sing. A few laps around the sun, and a few too many underneath a studio moon, Natalie becomes Loviet and Toronto, home. Most importantly - those demos in her pocket are ready to go. You can tell she cut her teeth during her teens with lines like; "I dyed my hair listening to your Cobain, I was always more Courtney Love in the first place, so I took the bleach and poured it over your CD's..." We still eat noodles before shows, and I still haven’t seen the Taylor Swift cover set, but I have had the best time getting to know her. She’s a bit of a castle, but when she lets down that bridge, you go in – cause you can get killed out here. “Loviet is a name you want to keep on your radar.” For fans of: The 1975, Haim, MUNA, The Killers, Pale Waves, PVRIS, The Band Camino, Paramore