Music together


Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Indie Pop

Ehsan Ashrafi

Apr 26, 2020

Growing up in Tehran, brothers E and Sal Ashrafi had no access to Western music, that is until MTV landed on their TV screens, bringing them top acts of the day from across the world. At night, they would sit for hours, as artists like Oasis, The Cranberries and Metallica screamed at them from thousands of kilometres away. Soon, the brothers bought their own guitars, and taught themselves how to play by strumming along with the TV. Almost two decades later E and Sal found themselves in Toronto, with their own band: SoulNidus. For the band, the soul is the beginning and the end. In the beginning, with no formal musical training, no connections, and no co-signs, their soul is all they had. It serves as their “nidus” — latin for a breeding ground where something develops. The brothers quickly picked up steam with their early release: “Clown on Strike”. After Coldplay posted the song on their blog and Noel Gallagher called the band’s named “shit”, SoulNidus toured Canada, the UK and Europe, and scored features on BBC and Kerrang Radio. In the mid-2010s, E and Sal began to develop a larger creative vision, combining music, design, print, and narrative. They launched Key House of Creation creative agency, which has grown with clients across North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Now, their vision has come full circle with SoulNidus’ recent EP Hand On Heart, for which they did almost everything in house, from production and recording, to photography, video, and designing vinyl and merchandise. Co-written alongside Ron Lopata, the five track EP features gritty tracks like “Sidewalk”, showcasing E’s gravelly vocals, the acoustic ballad “Godspeed”, about loss and accepting the hurt of helplessness, and stadium anthems like “There’s Nowhere”, which shows why comparisons to Coldplay and Mumford and Sons are warranted. The experience of deconstructing and recreating themselves has informed their sound and made these brothers stronger. Humble and honest, they have returned to their nidus, ready to spread throughout North America, the United Kingdom and beyond.