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Sardar Mohamadjani

May 07, 2020

Sardar Mohamadjani Born in Mahabad, in the Kurdish region of Iran, Sardar Mohamadjani began studying tar (a long-necked plucked string instrument) at age 10, following the Kurdish tradition of placing the arts, and music in particular, at the heart of life. He studied under influential musicians Daryosh Talaei and Darvish Reza Monazami at the Fine Arts University of Tehran, and took up the oud (lute) as well, quickly mastering that instrument as well. Moving to France, he studied ethnomusicology at the University of Paris, and while there, began working with Badila, a French-Persian-Indian band that toured across Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as teaching music at the Jeunesse Musicales de France (JMF). Upon graduating, he moved to Toronto, where he has collaborated with many of the country’s prominent Persian musicians. Mohamadjani is a member of the first Cohort of Small World Music’s eMERGEnce program for emerging/newcomer artists.