Music together


Country, Americana/Canadiana, Rock

Michael Gora

May 03, 2020

Middlebrook is a five-piece alt-country outfit from the quaint and creative epicenter of Elora, Ontario. Borne out of a common appreciation for the resurgence of authentic and roots driven, Country, Americana, and Rock music, Middlebrook’s harmony and guitar driven music is at once familiar and captivating. Composed of lifelong friends and musical collaborators, the intimate and raucous moments of Middlebrook’s live shows are glued together by their undeniable homegrown chemistry. Earlier this year, the band worked with Gavin Gardiner (The Wooden Sky) at his studio All Day Coconut towards the making of their forthcoming and eponymous EP. Sonically, Middlebrook runs the gamut from quiet vulnerability in “Right Way to Love You” to a windows down, country-road cruiser in “Hell of a Hurry” without ever losing sight of their pursuit of songcraft and tone. Thematically, the songs pay homage to Canadian musical institutions while musing on the durability of twenty-something love. Find the band this summer on festival stages across Canada, the details for which can be found on their social media pages.