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Julian Daniel


Julian Daniel Polidoro

Jun 04, 2020

Julian Daniel is a 19 year old Canadian Pop artist from Toronto. His music is comparable to Kim Petras, YUNGBLUD and Troye Sivan. Described as an up-beat pop sound with rock and electronic dance elements. "I want to break the barriers that the industry has put on male pop musicians, through my music and style," says Julian. With the recent success of his song "Sidekick" (released through AWAL) appearing on Spotify's New Music Friday playlist, he is excited to announce the release of his first EP titled ‘E-BOY,’ released January 31st 2020 and appearing on New Music Friday US, Canada as well Spotify's It's A Bop and Pop Sauce. Growing up he was inthralled with the musician and legend David Bowie. Learning guitar and piano to assist him in writing compositions, while also exploring dance and acting. "I want to give a voice to younger generations and help them feel like they aren't alone." Julian Daniel is a young talent with so much to offer and explore.