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Hip-Hop/Rap, DJ/MC, R&B/Soul, Jazz

Liam Tyndall

May 13, 2020

LTtheMonk, originally from London, UK, first fell in love with hip-hop when he was just eight years old. After hearing defining hip-hop albums from the early 2000s such as The College Dropout, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and The Documentary, LTtheMonk knew that he had to find out properly what this music was. Combining this with an interest in reggae (shown to him at an early age by his Jamaican mother) and rock (via his Irish father), LT’s adventurous love of music and performing onstage grew throughout the years, culminating in the release of his first EP at age 17. He has since grown into a vibrant and compelling talent. LTtheMonk’s 2015 debut album, Monk in London, described his career, relationship with his home city and journey to adulthood. His 2017 release The Dark Side of the Monk was an introspective and wide-ranging session rooted in California production aesthetics and informed by contemporary race politics. Having moved from the UK megacity to Hamilton, Ontario in 2017, Kinks, Drinks & Hip-Hop reflects another leap in personal and artistic evolution. The album is as questioning as its predecessors, serving up an in-depth exploration of his romantic relationships, place in hip-hop and the music industry, and more discoveries of his persona. The album’s title nods to Diamond D’s 1992 classic Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop, but the album is of-the-moment and crisply defined by local players — the sounds of Hamilton producer Judah Jump, plus Hamilton hip-hop and R&B artists Hoss Bowman and Viktoria Csik — as well as collaborations with New York’s YoHanMadeTheBeat, Canadian musicians such as Aisha Barrow, Lucas Hibbs and Owen Gow, and (in a call-back to his roots) longtime friend, rapper and producer ROYOS from South London. London-made and East-Coast trained, paying homage to his home city as well as the New York MCs who were his inspiration to begin rapping after his first discovery of hip-hop. With a new release on the horizon for 2020, you can catch LTtheMonk (emcee-vocalist LT, backed by keyboardist Santiago Rozo-Paz, bassist Cam Watson and drummer Lucas Hibbs) live on stages across Ontario. LTtheMonk’s album Kinks, Drinks & Hip-Hop is available now on all streaming platforms. His upcoming, as-yet-untitled full-length album will be released on Sonic Unyon Records in late 2020.