Music together


Electronic, Ambient

Laura Dickens

May 04, 2020

Leucrocuta is an electronic solo project from Toronto, her sound draws its influence from industrial, ambient and outsider synth-pop. Her music “feels like a dream often on fast forward, the distorted world seems almost surreal as it melts & shifts” (Intersection Festival). In 2017 she released an EP, when all the animals are dead. It was described as “a fascinating artifact from [a] distant, dark, and strange place” (Silent Shout). In February of 2019, she released a full-length experimental electronic album on Lost Angles, “Exorcises in Loneliness” (NOW! Best music of the week). Leucrocuta has performed across Canada in several festivals: Intersection festival (Toronto, 2019), Sled Island (Calgary, 2019), Electric Eclectics (Meaford, 2019), and the Forthwith festival (Winnipeg, 2018). She has played on bills with acclaimed electronic musicians Morton Subotnick, ADULT., and Joanne Pollock. She performs with her partner and Lost Angles label owner, Dot Starkey. Dot Starkey is a vaporwave artist who releases under the name Hex-a-Decimal. She has curated over 90 albums for Lost Angles including works of her own such as Cemetery 17 (2016) and 行にとどまってください! (2018). She is also a 3D visual artist and a projections artist. Her work has been prominently featured in live performances in Toronto's music community; for the Silent Shout and Frequencies music showcases, as well as for the Rhubarb Festival (Toronto, 2020), for the performance piece Toxic People . Currently Leucrocuta is working on a project called "drone alone", where she releases a new ambient piece for each day of self-isolation. The goal of the project is to allow herself and other Canadian artists to have a creative outlet, and to give listeners the opportunity to listen, meditate, and breathe.