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Scotty Kipfer


Scott Kipfer

May 09, 2020

Scotty Kipfer grew up in Milverton Ontario, surrounded by music. He played piano and a number of brass and woodwind instruments until he became enamoured with country music. Scotty was 17 when he finally picked up a guitar and began to write songs. Scotty has worked for record labels and management firms, as a radio announcer, a cartoonist, and a touring guitar player with several artists. After spending years working in different facets of the music business, Scotty started spending about half his time in Nashville developing his songwriting in 2015. He would spend the next three years writing and producing what would become his eleven song debut album, “Taking My Time”. Rooted in the deep tradition of country music, and influenced by artists like Diamond Rio, Vince Gill, Randy Newman, and Willie Nelson, the record is built on infectious hooks, nostalgic melodies, and clever lyrics. Scotty Kipfer is a country music original. “The record is pretty whimsical. It’s light and fun,” he says. “A lot of it exists purely to make you smile. I try not to take myself too seriously.”