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Mike Legere

Folk, Indie, Indie Pop, Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Rock

Michael Legere

May 22, 2020

Mike Legere is a singer-songwriter based out of Toronto, Ontario. He's been playing with bands Century Thief and Places Erupt for the past 7 years and released his first solo record Ourselves in Public on June 8th 2018. He plays lyrically driven indie folk rock music. In May of 2018 he embarked on his first solo music tour with Dante Matas and the Infernal Racket. His debut solo album Ourselves in Public was released on June 8th after being premiered by Aesthetic Magazine. The first single from Ourselves in Public was premiered by Folk Radio UK. He’s currently working on Love Songs In Fear Of Dying Penniless EP and his sophomore record Memory Forming Clouds, which will be released in 2020. His new single I Want To Be Well will be released in May 2020. He performs with a four piece.