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Clem Chesterfield & The LA-Z Boy Recliners

Alternative, Country, Singer/Songwriter

R. Timothy Sheffield

May 17, 2020

Kingston, Ontario’s CLEM CHESTERFIELD & THE LA-Z BOY RECLINERS continue to entertain fans at local venues with their high energy performances as well as connecting with new admirers courtesy of radio and online streaming. Unapologetic in their approach, their mixed genre is a toe-tapping mix of bluegrass, country and rockabilly – all embracing storytelling lyrics that smack of humour, honesty and good old fashioned truisms. But who is CLEM CHESTERFIELD? Introducing Tim Sheffield. A self-described, “Indie Rocker from way back,” – over 25 years to be exact, Sheffield’s personification of that long lost entertainer in Country & Western music, complete with rhinestone suits and a created stage name was created out of necessity – not for fame, or glory, but to position the core values of a consciousness that runs deep. “I’ve always been Clem, the rough and tumble outlaw, the bully fighter, the guy that says enough is enough. You might say that Clem takes up a lot of space in a room, but he gives me, Tim, a voice.” The young outlaw had trouble fitting in, showing up to grade school in full cowboy gear with hat, vest and chaps. Laughed at and bullied, Tim strummed guitar and wrote the words of his heart, a sad longing for a lost time and place; the Old West. All the while, in Tim’s mind, Clem was honing his bullwhip and lasso skills dreaming of the day he would be, a rhinestone-suit wearing, country music hero, in due time. Moving on and forward, Tim continued down the murky path of Indie Rock & Roll in Canada neglecting his own classic country roots; but, in 2016, a shift occurred. Self-penned songs with a fresh, alternative take on Classic Country with an essential “everyman viewpoint” surfaced identifying the artist as pure Canadiana and CLEM CHESTERFIELD was summoned to deliver the Alt Country messages of musical hope. While whiskey may have been Clem’s early inspiration allowing him to speak his mind and develop his “words of whiskey,” the whiskey truth proved harsher leading to failed marriages, broken relationships and irreparable friendships. This personal insight into damaged hearts and the downtrodden life is what allows CLEM CHESTERFIELD & THE LA-Z BOY RECLINERS to sing and perform from the soul of a cowboy who knows life on a hard road.