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Fancy Lady

Reggae, R&B/Soul, Dancehall, Hip-Hop/Rap, Singer/Songwriter, Other

Christine Williams

Jul 27, 2020

Fancy Lady, born Jamaican and resides in Toronto Canadian. Her experiences have been boundless but no matter what she did, music remained on her resume. She also plays the African drums, host at events, song writing and has a passion for Acting. She has singles out such as "Mommy Prayer”, “Sunset Canada” with her and J Matik. Other songs are “If You Fall", "Close To Me", "I Want You Back", "To The End Like Chucky", “Excuse Me” and the list goes on. Fancy Lady is also the CEO of FL. Production, and was featured in the Reggae Xclusive Magazine a few times and was awarded recognition for New Voice in Reggae 2014. She’s also featured on the yearly Toronto stage show called “Buss” and was a part of the 2019 Canjam yearly Festival. Fancy was also invited to participate in performing at the JMC (Jamaica Music Conference) 2020 in Jamaica. Acting being her second passion, she was featured in TV show series such as "Warehouse 13", "Da Kink in My Hair" and more. She also played a role in the comedy drama play called "The Head Girl", and “Truthful Lies” written by Paul O. Beales, and produced by Theresa Baker. "Fancy Lady", the beautiful Artist/Song writer/Actress/Producer/Host and Entrepreneur continues to keep her focus in the Music (Recording), Acting and Entertainment world as she knows her talent and skills will give back and help to change the world in due time for the better.