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Pop, Dance, Indie Pop

Raffaela Weyman

May 16, 2020

Ralph (aka Raffa Weyman) has always had an affinity for glitter and the glow of the spotlight. Raised by hippie parents in Toronto, she attended “FAME”-style Etobicoke School of the Arts and majored in vocal performance. After graduating, she dove into performing her own music, crafting folky/singer-songwriter songs inspired by records from her youth: Joni Mitchell, Diana Ross, Carole King, Joan Baez, Etta James, CSNY, etc. But as she continued to experiment within the realm of her songwriting, her sound began to morph into a genre of it’s own. This decidedly “Raffa” style maintained her narrative lyrical style, touching on themes of lust, deception, and self-love, while also sprinkling in disco, pop, dance and soul. Thus, Raffa became Ralph, a Fleetwood Mac meets Donna Summer meets Spice Girls meets Robyn hybrid; a sound that is catchy but cool, sexy but smart, edgy but evocative. Embodying this unique soundscape, Ralph has created a special role for herself as an artist to watch. Over the past four years, she has built an incredible global following, doing three cross-Canada tours with Ria Mae, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Scott Helman, packing rooms in Paris and London, and most recently, embarking on a five-week American tour with JOAN. Evidently Ralph’s talented and drive has been noticed, as her hit track “Gravity” shot up the radio charts into the Top 20, she received a JUNO nomination for Dance Recording of the Year, she has earned over 35 millions streams across platforms and has seen her music featured on TV networks such as E!, HBO, Freeform and VICE . However, the scope of RALPH’s talent reaches far beyond her music, as her distinct aesthetic and creative direction are buzz worthy. Taking risks within her onstage and on-camera looks, Ralph has extended beyond the realm of just being a “singer” and has stepped into the role of being a fashion tastemaker and performer, inspired by icons Cher and Prince. This also applies to Ralph’s music videos, as she strives to push each visual opportunity to its fullest. Ralph is refreshingly unafraid to be herself, remaining vocal about her opinions and beliefs, while creating opportunities for change even as she steps further into the spotlight. Growing up surrounded by stunning diversity, Ralph aims to make sure inclusion is a part of every action. This emphasis on fashion and fierce empowerment in self and others has been noticed, as Ralph has been featured in prominent tastemaker press such as The FADER, Billboard, Paper Magazine, Paste, NYLON, V Magazine, Mother Jones, Interview Magazine, Teen Vogue, MTV News and People Magazine. She is a fierce advocate for equal opportunity - especially in an industry that has historically championed men - and in February 2020, Ralph and her long time manager Laurie Lee announced their record label, Rich Man Records. Focusing on expanding the presence of female-identifying leaders within the industry, as well as creating a community for pop artists to connect and grow, Ralph continues to make waves within her career as a musical artist, activist and entrepreneur.