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R&B/Soul, Singer/Songwriter, Pop

Chelsey Bennett

Apr 24, 2020

Known also as Chelsey Bennett, Seyblu is a hot jazz/soul artist with a gift for delivering bonafide soulful performances. Raised outside of Toronto on a diet of Sade, red wine and clove cigarettes, Seyblu is a rising songwriter musician about to make a lasting mark on Toronto with the new recording project as Seyblu. The release of her jazz-inspired EP, No End in 2016 gained her recognition from the Toronto Guardian and led to shows at numerous Toronto venues, including a feature at Burdock's Pianofest, a RAW showcase at the Mod Club, and a residency at Poetry Jazz Cafe in Kensington Market. Seyblu has toured southern Ontario and parts of Quebec after releasing some live-off-the-floor songs last year, until her studio hit song came to fruition of September 2019, when she released a dreamy original, Afterglow, with notable producer Douglas Romanow. Her live show pulls you in with hints of nostalgia through 70’s soul classics, to the 90’s r&b we know and love, in addition to her swoony originals. "When [Seyblu] first stepped onto the Poetry stage, I realized that she had what most Canadian bands lack: Struggle, sense of urgency, & fire. [Seyblu] & her band showed up early & left late as if to say to her fans that this shit is real!" -Sean Pascalle, Poetry Jazz Cafe