Music together


Afrobeat, Hip-Hop/Rap, Francophone

Lionel Akagah

Apr 18, 2020

Borelson is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto. After a multi-lingual upbringing in central Africa (Gabon and Congo), he went on to spend some years in France before relocating to Canada. His music is mostly hip-hop infused, mixed with other music genres (afrofusion/afrobeats, jazz, classical music, etc.). After a mixtape (2014) and an EP (2016), Borelson is set to release his first album in 2020, to show the continuous expansion of his universe and vision. He has performed at events/venues such as Toronto Biennale, Nuit Blanche, Afrofest, Afrochic, AfroHaus, AfroWave, Unity Hip-Hop, The Drake Underground, SXSW, and so on.