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Kiran Ahluwalia & Rez Abbasi


Kiran Ahluwalia

Oct 16, 2020

Two-time JUNO (Canadian Grammy) winner Kiran Ahluwalia and multifaceted guitarist Rez Abbasi are a real-life couple, and music world duo. One of Indian origin, the other Pakistani, they perform songs of breakup and love with equal conviction. The combination of Kiran's open-hearted vocals and Rez’s inspired and evocative guitar work seamlessly to bring together the disparate traditions of Indian music, West African blues and Jazz so organically, that while the sound isn’t quite like anything you’ve heard, its combination of ethereal elegance and raw urgency is immediately welcoming and ultimately universal. This is truly music for the moment and what the world could use a lot more of. From their home in New York City, Kiran and Rez have established themselves as some of the music world's most compelling and distinguished cross-pollinators. Their reworking of the classic Qawwali tune Mustt Mustt with the Malian super group Tinariwen has racked up nearly 3 million views online.