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Pop, R&B/Soul, Singer/Songwriter

Tam Duong

May 14, 2020

The creative process has always been a test of courage. It’s about embracing every aspect of one’s artistry to convey our truth. It’s raw, unadulterated expression bound only by the stretches of our imagination. This holds especially true for Toronto-based artist Tam, whose process encourages vulnerability and the art of letting go, to reveal the authenticity within. Above all, Pop/Soul/Dance artist Tam has been carving out a name for himself for his ability to articulate feelings and emotions that transcend both language and cultural boundaries. Consequently, he has gained a following in both North America and overseas, with an online presence that stretches to Asia, Europe and South America. His music has attracted the attention of media outlets and radio stations, with CFVR FM, CJLS FM, CKXS FM and CKOA FM all repping his output. Moreover, he has collaborated with producer Bill Bell (Jason Mraz, Justin Nozuka), and Grammy Nominee and Juno Award Winner, Dan Brodbeck, who assisted with producing his 2nd EP, Southbound (2013). Tam’s success as a musician is largely due to his natural inclination for storytelling. By tapping into this innate talent, Tam captures hearts and imaginations through his ability to communicate emotions and feelings that would otherwise be difficult to express in conversation. Lying at the intersection of Pop and Soul, Tam leverages his vocal talents, which have been described as “dynamic, with a gentle intensity that commands your attention.” Tam’s sound is equal parts sophisticated and powerful, with a refined sonic palette that appeals to both small, intimate settings and high-octane dance floor vibes. Tam attended and graduated from Fanshawe College’s ‘Music Industry Arts’ program in London, Ontario in 2011. Within that same year, his debut EP, titled ‘Pieces of L.A.’, premiered to the world and established him as one of Canada’s fresh faces to watch. His first single, ‘Kings’ went on to receive local and international airplay on college and independent radio stations across the country. In 2013, Tam recorded and released his 2nd EP, titled ‘Southbound’, under his new stage name and alias ‘Damian Yonge’ (which has now been retired). The EP was produced by Grammy Nominee and Juno Award Winner, Dan Brodbeck, who he met through the Music Industry Arts program. The single ‘Jumpstart My Heart’ went on to receive regular airplay across commercial radio networks in Canada. In 2017, Tam was selected to participate in the Ontario edition of the Canadian Songwriter Challenge, hosted by MusicOntario and Bell Media. It was here where he linked up and collaborated with legendary producer Bill Bell (Jason Mraz, Justin Nozuka). Today, Tam is continuing down the path of artistic expression without compromise. With momentum on his side, his output remains consistent with three further singles lined up for 2020. February 14, 2020 saw the release of his first single of the year ‘No Romeo’ which will be followed up by ‘New Love’ in the Spring of 2020.