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Naïm Ibrahim Benoit

Apr 24, 2020

Born in Montreal to a Somali father and a French Canadian mother, NAIIM developed a liking for music from an early age but it wasn’t until his family moved to North York Toronto that his obsession with HipHop began. By the time he was in middle school, NAIIM was writing songs and self engineering his own music. With the mindset that he would pursue a career in medicine NAIIM simply created music for himself and rarely every showcased his sound to others until he obtained his undergraduate degree and decided to shift gears. In March of 2019, NAIIM made his debut with an EP titled “Alchemy”. This project was quickly followed with his single “No Peace” which was featured on Spotify’s official “Northern Bars” and “Shisha Lounge” playlists. With his unique tone and unapologetic versatility, NAIIM strives create records that allow his fans to embed their stories within his music.