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Zoe Xandra

Indie Pop, Pop, Singer/Songwriter

Zoe Wood

May 07, 2020

Singer-songwriter, Zoe Xandra, introduced herself to the scene with her single release, “Tokyo” in October of 2019. Since releasing her debut EP, "TMI", in February 2020, she has gained over 40k streams. Although being new to the music scene, her background extends to her early childhood in Waterloo, Ontario. In this suburbia, her adolescence was spent developing a vulnerable voice in her writing and refining her talents as a musician. It was, however, her time in Toronto that really shaped and defined her musical direction, giving you the sound you can find in TMI. Zoe Xandra has created a clean pop sound with underlying modern melodic qualities. She has always admired songwriters that not only wear their heart on their sleeve, but are also able to communicate real thoughts and emotions in an authentic and meaningful way. Zoe is a classically trained pianist with her first love for music growing from the classical genre. Although she always wrote music, it was not until her later years that she pursued new styles and genres, prompting her work with renowned vocal coach, Elaine Overholt.  Zoe Xandra’s music carries a depth of emotion with it that creates space for the listener to hear an authentic voice as she tells her story.