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Royal Castles


Katrin Sawatzky

May 03, 2020

Energetic, hard hitting and hooks for days, Royal Castles are making nostalgic but contemporary garage-rock. Hailing from the Royal City of Guelph, Ontario, the three-piece deliver pounding drums, crunchy guitars and a healthy dose of wooly bass. Royal Castles’ debut LP, “Play It Loud” (released 2018), was confidently and energetically shared with audiences across Canada and Europe last year. Recently, the trio has spent time at North of Princess (Kingston, Ontario) honing their sound and recording their much-anticipated sophomore album with producer Zane Whitfield (The Glorious Sons, Sarah Harmer, Kathleen Edwards), with an expected release in August 2020 and subsequent tour. The full-length album is filled with catchy hooks, killer drum fills, psychedelic-bubblegum harmonies and crunchy guitar tones that will be sure to make this album feel like summer. Royal Castles know how to light up a stage and they look forward to releasing and promoting their second LP whenever the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions are lifted. Whether they’re rocking downtown Toronto on Canada Day, filling a Mediterranean plaza in Mallorca, Spain or proudly partnering to support causes they care about (climate change and mental health awareness), you can always count on them to wear matching outfits, greet the audience with a blast of energy and get the party started.