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Jazzy Monika


Jazlyn Simons

Apr 28, 2020

Jazzy Monika is a Toronto based songstress making her way on the scene. Traveling to Atlanta as a teenager was the birth of Jazzy’s career, as she worked on music and rubbed shoulders with people such as Shawn Morpheus who was apart of the hit 70s hit group “ The Force MD’s”. Her first official EP titled ‘Mixed Emotions Chapter 1’ was released Nov 15th of 2017 which consisted of 3 songs including her single ‘Ritual (Link Up)’ which was featured on Spotify’s playlist “ Just Vibing”. Jazzy was also a participant in Toronto’s Remix Project 13.0, and Honey Jam 2017 where she worked on her craft and was surrounded by some of the city’s best. She’s been apart of many shows including the 199Z festival held at opera House and Unity Festival held at the Daniel Spectrum. Without out a doubt Jazzy Monika is bringing back real R&B, the come up cannot be denied. Her 2nd EP ‘Mixed Emotions Chapter 2’ is releasing May 6th, 2020.