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Dancehall, Afrobeat, Reggaeton

Angelo Robb

Apr 25, 2020

Dancehall Fusion artist Lexxicon fluctuates between dancehall patois, R&B harmonies, and melodic rapping with sheer power. Born in Jamaica he moved to Birmingham, England and then New York City before later settling in Toronto, Canada. In Toronto is where Lexxicon found the drive, passion and tools to become a recording artist. He honed his talent by growing in some of the city’s talent incubators such as R.I.S.E Edutainment, and UrbanArts – B.M.M. After taking the stage at Afro Fest, Kothu Fest, T-Dot Fest and the Culture Shock Block Party, the experience of Lexxicon’s live performances can be described as a seductive, vicious, presence merged with animalistic energy. The Toronto-based artist’s electric sound comes from many influences of Sean Paul & Lady Saw to Tory Lanez & Rihanna. His vision is to push the boundaries of reggae music, by blurring genre lines accompanied by slick production and modelesque aesthetics