Music together

Lex Junior

Electropop, World

Alex Punzalan

Apr 22, 2020

Lex Junior is a Toronto-native music producer & singer/songwriter of Filipino decent. He is a diverse composer creating all types of music under the Sun. In the past he’s worked with Jessie Reyes, Ralph, Dylan Sinclair, Zaki Ibrahim. He is also championing his cultural ties to his Filipino roots as co-founder for DATU ( and producer for Han Han (Filipinx rapper), who are both releasing new albums in 2020. Now he is debuting as a solo artist for the first time and is releasing a bunch of fun funky songs featuring artists such as Just John, Ralph, Tanika Charles just to name a few. You can find his music being featured by Apple, Google & Crown Royal. It's on just the beginning for Lex Junior.