Music together

Apply to perform

  • 1. Apply for $1,000 in emergency relief funding
  • 2. Play a livestream show to engage your fans, and earn new ones
  • 3. Monetize your audience through a merch business


Eligible musicians in Ontario can apply to perform through MusicTogether, and will be evaluated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Our goal is to get you paid for what you do best, and celebrate your music during this hardship. There's a few ground rules to cover first:

  • * You must be a working musician making your living through music
  • * You gotta be local to Ontario
  • * You have to be able to film your own livestream

Learn more here and let's jam!


If your application is accepted, you'll agree to perform a livestream and we'll work with you to schedule an hour set into our lineup.

You will perform the livestream through your own Instagram/Facebook channel, and we'll send viewers to you through MusicTogether, our community partners, and your own social channels.

Please add the "Stay Home" sticker onto your livestream to help encourage responsible social distancing. You can optionally write out the hashtag (#musictogether) on a board to show your support and get people talking about your show. The more people talk about it, the more opportunities for people to discover your music.

Learn more here


We've curated some resources and deals to help you convert your following into a business. You'll receive a care packaging including:

  • * How-to guides for creating and marketing a merch business, tailored just for musicians
  • * Exclusive COVID-relief offerings from Shopify, Facebook Ads, and community partners to get you up and running
  • * Cross-promotions through our PR, marketing, and community channels

Learn more here